ChatGPT Prompts to increase Productivity at Work!

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In this video I go through 8 prompts all professionals should be using in the workplace to decrease the amount of time spent on boring and tedious work.

Here are the 8 practical prompts every professional needs to know for productivity in the workplace!

Discover how ChatGPT can help with tasks like:

  1. Writing a concise, yet compelling self-evaluation that aligns with your company's key attributes.
  2. Creating a robust 30-60-90 day onboarding plan for new hires using the SMART framework.
  3. Crafting a high-quality project brief for your next cross-functional event.
  4. Analyzing feedback from various sources to derive actionable insights for future projects.
  5. Preparing captivating presentations by bridging the gap between your content and the audience's interests.
  6. Converting lengthy articles into concise LinkedIn posts for greater engagement.
  7. Developing a 30-60-90 day personal development plan for interns aspiring to become full-time employees.
  8. Brainstorming inclusive team-building activities suitable for diverse interests and backgrounds.

Experience the true power of AI in enhancing productivity, be it in writing self-evaluations, onboarding new hires, or even creating team-building activities.

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8 extremely detailed prompts for working professionals

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ChatGPT Prompts to increase Productivity at Work!

86 ratings
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